Polaris Entrepreneurship Corp. Why is it called Polaris, with Heart sign? Why is it called Entrepreneurship Corp? 

前幾年,韓國流行電視劇「來自星星的你」風靡全亞洲,播出時萬人空巷,人人在家瘋狂追劇。劇中帥氣男主角金秀賢來自北極星附近的星球,原本位於光年之外的他,卻意外墜落地球,並找到他的真愛。Few years ago, people over all Asia are overwehlemed and touched by a K-POP drama, called “The Alien Love from Another Star”.  The alien handsome Kim Sung Shun comes from the Star near the Polaris, latitude, in the far universe, accidentally lands on the Earth & found his big love.
The founder of the Polaris Entrepreneurship Corp. is a southern islander from Formosa Taiwan near the Equator, hasn’t never grown up abroad, have been instinctively attracted to the western culture, is fond of coldness snowy weather, and have landed her life homes in the Northern Countries alike Russia for 15 years, Germany parallel for 8 years, and Japan parallel for the past 3 years!  Polaris with a Heart Sign means therefore “Love for the Northern Countries”.

北極心的成立不僅和創辦人真實人生息息相關,其工作經歷更對此有所啟發。雖然在風氣守舊的臺灣成長,但她並沒有因此隨波逐流固守傳統;The founding of Polaris Entrepreneurship Corp. is tightly inspired and tight up with the founder’s real personal life work and business experiences, who has not been following up the mainstream trends at that conservative growing-up times in Taiwan. 
Instead, as a not rich single to a married rich enough woman (Notes: richness depends on individual definitions) over the 20 years time-span of school, business career, and life, has always indulged in life discoveries, and exposed to a new foreign country culture to learn, to communicate, to relate, to work, and to create.
At Age of 40, she has equipped herself with five speaking and communication languages (Chinese, English, Russian, German, Japanese), a successful business development in the foreign countries, richness enough in material & spiritual wise, aesthetics for the modern clean and the classics, and compassionate love for life and people, living & linking in 4 homes in the world (Moscow, Dusseldorf, Taipei, and Tokyo) as Locals and as Internationals. All of this results are not from 1, but from 0.
How it happens? What has happened? That’s why we’re going to share with as well train our friends and partners who participate in Polaris corporate programs.   Yes, to be an Personal Entrepreneurship; To reach the unlimited capable life!